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Let's put everything on the table.

No Fees

Let's be clear

As an event organiser, Ticketpass is completely FREE.

We only add a booking fee (10% capped at £5.00) to paid tickets to help us run the platform and empower your attendees to change other people's lives, as we donate 50% of the booking fees to social causes. #ethicalTicketing

Creating free events

Are the best things in life free?

If you event is free, Ticketpass is completely free to use! We don't charge you or the attendees any setup, monthly or annual fees. Nada!

Just sign up, create your event with a few clicks and you're ready to go! - Start promoting your event and registering guests within minutes!

Giving Charity

Creating paid events

Impacting people's lives.

If your event is paid, it will also cost you zero. As you'll recieve 100% of your ticket sales.

We do add a booking fee of 10% capped to £5.00 to paid tickets.

Why? Because we need to run the platform! Plus, we donate 50% of the booking fees to help people in need all around the world! So, in comparison to other options you have, with Ticketpass you can create your event and have the opportunity of doing good and increasing your karma ;)

Also, if you are a registered Charity, you should apply to the Give Back 50 scheme to support you cause and recieve an additional 50% from the booking fees. Learn more.

Supporting Charity

Improving lives

Thanks to our partners, we are able to support projects in +170 countries around the world. Be part of the movement. #ethicalTicketing

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