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How it works?

Small decision, big impact.


1. Create your event

Create your event (for free) in a couple minutes and with a few clicks.


2. Sell your tickets

Once created, share your event by email or social media and start selling your tickets.


3. Impact lives

Ticketpass will donate 50% of all booking fees that your events generate to help people in need all around the world.


How the pricing works?

Free events
Organiser fees
Attendee booking fees
50% donated to social causes50% donated
  • Ticketpass never charges the organiser for creating events.
  • The attendee's booking fee is capped at £5.00.
  • 50% of our booking fee will be donated to a charity project, the other half is to help us pay the costs of running the platform.

Your event can have an impact.

Switch to Ticketpass and support a charity project.

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Impacting lives.

Create your event and make a difference.