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Selling tickets on your website

Make it convenient and increase your sales.

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Take advantage of your website traffic and increase your bookings by adding widgets to your webiste.

You can display your event's available tickets, allow your visitors to book their tickets or simply add a button linking to your Ticketpass event page.

Set Up

Easy to set up

As simple as copy and pasting the auto-generated code into your website.


Boost conversion

Engage with your visitors and allow them to book your tickets on your website.

Social Impact

Improving lives

Tickets sold through any widget will keep having a positive social impact.

Button widget

Small, simple and powerful.

Help your website visitors book your tickets easier. The button widget will send them to your unique event page where they can easily book your tickets.

Ticket widget

Straightforward and ready to convert.

Allow your website visitors to quickly select their tickets and complete their booking. The ticket widget allows you to display your event tickets and sell tickets directly on your website!

Event list widget

Clean and organised.

Give your website visitors an overview of all your upcoming events. The event list widget displays a list with all your upcoming events and allows visitors to book their tickets without having to leave your website!

Calendar widget

The bigger picture.

Provide your website visitors with a complete overview of all your events. The calendar widget displays a calendar with all your upcoming events. It also allows your visitors to book tickets directly on your website!

Impacting lives.

Create your event and make a difference.