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What's the best Eventbrite alternative?

Ticketpass and Eventbrite are both great ticketing solutions. But, as an Eventbrite alternative, Ticketpass is much more than just a ticketing platform.

At Ticketpass every event listed is part of something bigger. As we donate 50% of all booking fees to help people in need all around the world.

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Ticketpass is free for free and paid events. You will not pay any setup, monthly or annual fees. Learn more


Make a difference

At no extra cost, your event can help hundreds of people in need all around the world. Learn more

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Are you a Charity?

Use Ticketpass and raise more money!

We know you're fighting your own battle, and we are here to help!

If you are a registered Charity, you can request for Give Back 50 to support your cause and receive 50% of all booking fees that your event generates. You can learn more here.

Giving Charity

Impacting lives.

Create your event and make a difference.